Software Factory

We have a team of experts working on the development of advanced software, designed to solve the problems of any institution or business, no minding their industry.

We specialize on software design and development:

- Customized systems for companies, optimizing resources

- Mobile Applications (Apps iOS, Android y Microsoft)

- E-learning/e-commerce platforms development

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About Our Services

Consulting in Business Systems

With more than 15 years of experience and a team of more than 600 consultants, we are the most reliable Mexican company in development, implementation and updating of business systems. With our services, your company will be able to develop and implement the most suitable business system, or else, help you adapt your current system with the new demanded requirements of your company.

Analysis, Design and Process Automation

Our consultants will help your company to better understand your business processes, and based on a clear comprehension, identify opportunity areas that will allow reductions in time and cost through the development, adaptation or implementation of an information system.

Software Development in Microsoft, Java, Ruby on Rails, SAP and Oracle Technologies

We create customized software developments to adapt your systems to the new functionalities required by the business or else, to create a unique system for your operation needs.

iOS and Android Mobile Applications Development

We help your company build mobile solutions (Apps) that allow you to innovate in the market. Whether you offer a new service to your clients, improve the connection with your employees or launch a new promotion, our mobile Apps creation service is the fastest and easiest way to achieve your objective.

Business Systems and Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Databases Support

If your company has a currently operating business system or Oracle, SAP or Microsoft technologies databases, we can help you with all the necessary services so that the system remains updated, properly operating and adapting to the new business requirements. Our support will offer specialized services for you company.

Assignment of Software Development experts on your Company for defined and undefined periods of time

If your IT department requires experts in the different IT areas (analysis, development, project management, etc.) for defined or undefined periods of time, we can help you. Through our Staffing department you would be able to request the technician you need, at the moment and for time length you require. It’s fast and highly effective.

Specialties, Technologies and Industries


Our Consulting area specializes in the following technologies and business processes:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Business Intelligence (BI) & Big Data
Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Human Capital Management (HCM)
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Retail Management System (RMS)
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Project & Process Management
Quality Assurance


In addition to Oracle, we have experience and certifications in the following technologies:

- Microsoft
- Hadoop
- iOS & Android


Grupo TI México has reliable experience in the Retail, Education, Automotive, Banking, Aerospace, Energy, Construction, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacture, Pharmaceutical, Services and Transportation industries.